Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wait! I'm not done!

I truly believe that there is a connection between writing and discovery. You'd never know this just by looking at the random dates on my blog posts, and if you could see my journal you'd just laugh! But I really do believe that as we write, our minds make connections between our experience and our thoughts, and we learn something. This connection is why writing is such an important part of education and, I dare say, self-discovery.

Well, I think that my last post stopped short of enlightenment!

I apologize to any of you that read it and came away feeling depressed. I mean, I re-read it, and felt a little depressed myself!

So I'm not done!

As I was thinking about that post this morning, I realized that most of my struggles with motherhood actually come from the exact issue I was talking about, and that is the problem of


dun dun dun!

That can be a pretty harsh word sometimes. Especially if it leaves us feeling like we are inadequate in some way just because we are different from another mom.

And I think, too, that we all handle motherhood differently. I have a friend who has twice as many kids as me, and she seems to just breeze through with little effort. She thrives in her environment. She's always put together, her house is clean, and it leaves me feeling inadequate when I compare myself to her.

I feel like I'm doing great if I can find clean shorts and a t-shirt! My floors need mopped, I have a pile of what-do-I-do-with-this on the floor in my bedroom, and I'm not going to get to any of it until I've written my paper on the connections between Freud's essay on The "Uncanny" and post World War I literature.
(I know, you're jealous.)

But where did I even get this notion that all moms have to be the same? Not a single person in this world is just like another, so why should moms be carbon copies?

How we do it is not near as important as actually doing it. So I'm going to stop comparing, right now, and just make sure my kiddos know how much I love them.

Who's with me?!

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